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6 Reasons For Holistic Gym Management Software

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What must a holistic gym software provide?

Everybody is talking about holistic gym management software, but what does that actually mean? A good and holistic fitness studio software should support you, the gym manager, with all your administrative tasks.

Moreover, your gym business software must be easy to use, simplify your communication and retention process, and, in the best case, also provide the best customer service.

In addition, it should manage your members and their data in one central point and make it easy to attract new customers to the gym. Oh, and if it were inexpensive, no one would say no.

Think different

Apple used an advertising slogan years ago that summed up their approach beautifully: “Think different”. Which basically meant to say: Just because something doesn’t exist yet, it doesn’t mean it’s impossible to develop it in the future.

This is exactly how Magicline came into being 30 years ago, closely oriented on the customers and the challenges they are facing every day. Because Magicline knew that without the right gym software, every gym operator lacks three essential elements for success: overview, time and control.

6 reasons for our 360° gym management software

In order to make YOU more successful, we have compiled six reasons that state why it is important to use a holistic gym software like Magicline and why we have become the market leader in studio management.

1. Customer focus

The customer is king – everyone who runs a business knows this saying. But what does “being king” actually mean in the world of fitness studios? For gym owners, it means that they can automate almost anything: Training appointments, class schedules, invoicing, member communication, reporting.

Studio managers also want to simplify the sales process and lead management. So receiving leads automatically online in order to then easily converting them into new customers is of high value.

The second king in this equation, however, is the member. The member should feel welcomed and valued by his studio by receiving customized communication and news from the gym frequently for example.

In addition, being able to see the utilization rate of the gym at all times in order to know how busy it is at what time of day and then schedule training sessions at his or her preferred time is of high value to members. Getting the latest home workout sent directly to the smartphone is another great feature.

Creating training plans
Creating training plans for your members

2. Customization, new features and intuitive operation

There is hardly any other gym software that is as innovative as Magicline. We provide updates and new features every week which makes us an always evolving software that is agile and can react to market developments and new requirements quickly.

Since we know that there is many different fitness concepts and studio types out there, we provide many individual setting options within the broad set of features. Every studio is always a little different and we make sure that each one can work with us the most efficient way.

Just about every section within Magicline offers more than one alternative. This means that every studio can decide for itself how it would like to deal with certain topics: automated emails to customers or rather text messages, automated billing on a specific date and customized communication rules are available.

But since a good feature is only as good as its usability, several teams of developers work every day to maintain clarity and a great user experience and keep Magicline as intuitive to use as possible. This saves every studio owner time and, above all, nerves.

3. Fitness app – MySports

We at Magicline are especially proud of the internally developed app “MySports“ that comes for free with every Magicline license. With this state-of-the-art training app every member is closely connected to their studio. This means that every news item, every new home workout or every offer is sent to their smartphone in a matter of seconds.

Classes, seminars or individual training bookings can also be made with just one click. The same also applies to assessments, trial trainings and much more.

With MySports, members can access their individually in Magicline created training plans via the app, watch on- demand workout videos anywhere at any time or attend live streaming classes.

MySports provides studios with an app that they can make available to their members free of charge.

The management of the MySports App is done centrally via Magicline and can be controlled from anywhere.

The app is rated 4.7 out of 5 stars in the Apple Store and 4.6 in Google Play, both top ratings for fitness apps.

MySports for iOS

MySports for Android

4. Smart analyses and studio optimization

A good analysis is tomorrow’s success. We have been following this credo for years and have developed the right tools for this purpose.

If you know when the fewest members come to the studio, you can make these times more attractive. If you know how much money your members spend on supplements on average, you can decide whether the new energy drink in the programme is worthwhile or not. And if you know which age group your programme appeals to, you can also target your advertising accordingly.

Business analysis is one of the most important points in most large corporations worldwide. So why should this be any different for a gym or even an entire chain? It shouldn’t, our team thought, and therefore gave this area a lot of weight. This pays off in the end, especially for the gym operators.

5. Finance and member management

Every successful studio needs a well-functioning financial system. Magicline has therefore given this area a high priority and provides many options to automate payments and membership fee management.

Here, too, there is hardly any software that is more clearly structured than Magicline. Subsequently, the studio has perfect control over the incoming and outgoing payments of each member.

6. 360° customer service

Outstanding customer service is enormously important. For this reason, we offer various ways to contact us: There is not only a service number that can be called in case of questions and problems, but also a support chat within the application. Furthermore, customers can reach us via Facebook and Instagram as well as send an email.


A holistic gym management software has to be much more than just software these days. It is no longer enough just to be able to save data and print out invoices at the end. Software has to do a lot of work for its customers and consider the operator’s and the member’s needs equally.

It must provide the studio with a digital infrastructure, give the operator the means to attract new members and, ultimately, help to increase turnover and growth.

Through our years of experience and constant development, Magicline can offer exactly that, and the team behind the software is already thinking about what the trends or challenges might be in future years.

If you don’t have Magicline in your studio yet, simply reach out to me. I am more than happy to tell you more!

Any questions?
Maike from Magicline will help you.

Hey there! Do you want to know more about our holistic gym management software Magicline? I am looking forward to learning more about your business concept! Feel free to make an appointment with me now.

Maike Kumstel

on April 01, 2021

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