Magicline and Italy – a perfect combination

Magicline in Italy

The expansion goes on

After France and Spain, we will now conquer the Italian market. A challenge that we are too happy to accept since this market that mainly consists of small, independent gyms offers many opportunities.

We have asked Michele Parisi, International Business Manager at Sport Alliance, to give us some insights into the special aspects of the Italian fitness industry and what Italian gym owners can expect from us.

Michele Parisi Magicline Italy
Michele Parisi, International Business Development Manager Magicline Italy

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Interview with Michele Parisi

If you had to describe Magicline in one sentence, what would you say?

“Simply the most accessible, all-in-one, innovative and powerful software for gyms that I have ever tried”!

You have been preparing the successful launch of Magicline in Italy for 7 months now. What does make the market so special and how does it differ from Germany?

With its 7.700 gyms and an international chain penetration of approximately 3%, the Italian market is one of the most fragmented in Europe.

On top of that, the traditional family owned business model that characterises the majority of the Italian gyms significantly delayed the switch to a fully digitalised approach.

Those are the main reasons for making the Italian market so appealing in terms of penetration and potential growth for a solution like the one we’re offering.

Magicline has grown very strongly in recent years and has been able to convince many gym operators. What can Italian studios look forward to? What can the software do or do better than others in Italy?

Owning a portfolio of more than 4.100 gyms in several countries gives us the possibility to constantly release the best in-class digital solutions for our clients, Italians included.

With this in mind, we’re convinced that Magicline will represent a reliable, efficient and affordable solution that will enable the switch towards digitalisation and ensure a successful rebound after the pandemic.

You have already spoken to some gym operators in Italy and also to the Italian industry media: What is the current mood in the industry?

The permanent closure of the gyms on a national level has already reached 6 months in a row and the reopening, still with several limitations, is expected for the 1st of June. Of course this scenario has significantly weakened the whole industry but the market is showing a strong desire to restart their activities.

As a matter of fact, many insiders have already reached out to us and many of them have already decided to subscribe to our offering.

Can you identify certain trends in Italy that may not exist in other countries? Or to put it another way: Where do you see the fitness industry in Italy in 5 – 10 years?

There are some valuable insights that suggest how the market will tend to consolidate itself in the next few years. The pandemic forced everybody to reinvent themselves and this is also the case for the gym owners.

Therefore, the number of total players is expected to decrease consistently while the international chain penetration should benefit from this situation by increasing their market share.

The adoption of technology will mark a milestone in the industry so the degree of digitalization will increase. Eventually, also payments are expected to go through a profound change as Fintech will be playing a crucial role.

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Maike Kumstel

on April 26, 2021

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