Magicline Payments

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Magicline Payments

In this article you will learn:

  • What Magicline Payments is and how it supports you in your daily studio operation
  • How you can manage your payment processes transparently, securely and flexibly in Magicline Payments
  • Which payment methods Magicline Payments supports and what costs are associated with them

Payment options as diverse as your members

Cash, card, app – there are many different payment options on the market and each form is likely to be used by your different members. To make sure nothing gets in the way of your sales it’s important that you offer your member the widest possible choice to pay for their purchases, membership fees or outstanding debts.

Magicline Payments for more payment options

To help you succeed financially and make more sales, we’ve developed Magicline Payments. The new service is integrated directly into your Magicline and is the comprehensive solution for your payment transactions – online and offline.

Your advantages:

  • Integrated payment solution in your Magicline
  • Transparent and correct processing of all payment options
  • No hidden costs – only transaction fees and, if required, the rental of a card terminal are incurred
  • Easy start and use of the new solution
  • Payments with the highest security standards and absolutely data protection compliant

What Magicline Payments can do

Image: Magicline Payments
Magicline Payments

1. Recurring payments

Membership fees fall under the so-called recurring payments. Your members can pay these in a relaxed manner with SEPA direct debit. In addition, all major credit cards such as Visa, Mastercard and American Express are available to them now.

Read more about “Recurring payments” here:

2. One-time payments

With online payments and payment links (automatically created links that are sent to the member via email, SMS or letter), you now have the most modern payment methods available for your members’ one-time payments. For example, your member can settle outstanding debts, buy consumption credits or book classes conveniently by credit card or PayPal.

You can find out more about “one-time payments” here:

3. Card terminal payments

Magicline Payments now allows you to offer cashless payments via a card terminal in your studio, which is directly linked to your Magicline. So if your member forgets his cash, he can easily pay via Girocard, all major credit cards, Apple Pay and many more – the card reader is fully integrated into your digital cash register.

Read more about this topic here:

Get started with Magicline Payments now

In order to use the service, you need to activate the function in your Magicline Appstore. You can find it in the menu bar on the left at the very bottom in your Magicline . Click on “Magicline Payments” and start the registration process.

Important for you to know: Magicline Payments does not cost you any basic fee and the service is absolutely risk-free. Only the transaction fees will be charged to you. The solution is available for all Magicline price packages.

A detailed price overview for Magicline Payments can be found here:

Start Magicline Payments now – save terminal fees

Image: Special terminal offer
Special terminal offer

For the launch of Magicline Payments we have a special promotion for you!

If you start with Magicline Payments in August or September and order your terminal in these months, we will waive the terminal fees for the first three months.

You don’t have to do anything to take advantage of this offer. The discount will be applied automatically as soon as you have ordered your terminal and activated Magicline Payments during the offer period.

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