One-time payments with PayPal

Usage of payment links for the settlement of open claims

One time payments

In this article you will learn:

  • What one-time payments are and how they add value to you and your members
  • How your members can make one-time payments via MySports
  • How you can successfully use PayPal for one-time payments 
  • How payment links help you with your outstanding receivables

In our last post we introduced you to Magicline Payments, the new payment feature in your Magicline. With it, we support you in your financial success and your sales. Magicline Payments is directly integrated into your Magicline and is the all-in-one solution for your payment processes – online and offline.

Easy payment for higher sales

The easier it is to pay a claim or make a purchase, the more likely it is that the payment will be made and the sale repeated. Not surprisingly, then, simple solutions like PayPal, as well as payment through payment links, have become the most popular payment options, for both customers and merchants.

The development and spread of companies like PayPal reflect this trend. At the end of 2020, the company had 377 million active accounts worldwide. Hardly any other company has grown so much in recent years.

That’s why you now have the opportunity to offer one-time payments via Paypal on your website or app, as well as payment links for outstanding receivables of your members with Magicline Payments.

Your advantages:

Important for you to know: Magicline Payments does not cost you any basic fee and the service is therefore absolutely risk-free for you. Only the transaction fees will be charged to you. The feature is also available for all Magicline price packages.

A detailed price overview for Magicline Payments can be found here:

One-time payments via MySports

Your customers want to buy consumption credits, vouchers and classes via the MySports app or website? With Magicline Payments, that’s no problem. Your customers can choose from a variety of payment options to settle their one-time payments. Whether it’s a credit card or now PayPal – payment is made very easy for your members.

PayPal with Magicline Payments

With the integration of PayPal into your Magicline, you now have the opportunity to provide your members with one of the most popular digital payment methods for one-time payments. They can then easily and anywhere – whether in the studio or from home – settle their one-time payments using PayPal.

You can find instructions for activating PayPal in our Help Center

Payment links with Magicline Payments

You can find instructions for setting up payment links in our Help Center.

For one-time payments in the form of open claims, you can provide your members with a payment link that is automatically sent via Magicline by letter, email or SMS. This allows the member to immediately pay their open claims without logging in, using PayPal, credit card and soon more.

Magicline Payments can do even more!

Image: Magicline Payments
Magicline Payments

PayPal and payment links are not the only payment options you get with Magicline Payments. The feature also supports terminal payments and recurring payments. You can read more about it here:

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