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Training world

Your members have a goal that they want to achieve by training with you.
If they get closer to their goals and even achieve them, their motivation increases and you retain your members in the long term. That’s why individual and professional training support for your members is so important to accompany them on their way. All these can be solved with the Training World that is included in the software Magicline.

The digital training world for better training support

Professional training support requires a lot of time from your trainers. By digitalizing this area and offering self-service, the Magicline Training World provides you with everything you need for anamnesis, goal setting and training plans.

Highlight 1: Anamnesis and goal setting

Start with your members with a detailed anamnesis and set goals for more motivation. The training world offers you ready-made anamnesis forms, which you can supplement with your individual questions or set up completely new ones. This way, you always have quick access to everything you need for your anamnesis interviews.

You then define individual training goals together with the member.  

View of training world from Laptop and cellphone

Highlight 2: Customized training plans

The anamnesis is done and the goals are set – now it’s time to create the training plan. With your training world, you can create your own training plan templates and catalog plans. Catalog plans are standardized training plans that you can provide to members via the app for self-activation. Additionally, you have the ability to provide tips and hints on how to perform exercises accurately, which will be played out to your member via the MySports app.  

You can also use over 500 exercises and training videos in HD quality from the exercise library to ensure a varied workout. Exercise descriptions additionally support your members during the execution. Thanks to the filter option within the exercise catalog, your members can search for specific exercises in the MySports app and see directly which muscle groups are being trained.

Highlight 3: Self-management by the member

Through self-management by your member, you give them the greatest possible freedom for their training plan. Your member can add their own comments to the training session and rate the intensity of the training session within the MySports app. In addition, your member can adjust the exercise parameters, such as the weight of the strength and cardio equipment, to specifically track their progress. Furthermore, your member can independently adjust the equipment settings, such as the seat height.

With the Magicline Training World, you offer your members everything they need to achieve their goals, create long-term motivation and keep them in your studio.

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Martin Saldaño Krogslund

on November 15, 2022

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