EGYM is the official partner of Magicline

The fitness industry has been waiting for this for a long time!

EGYM and Magicline

In this article you'll learn:

  • News about the partnership with EGYM
  • About the idea behind the partnership
  • What advantages the open platform strategy offers

Interface to EGYM ready for use

The fitness industry has been eagerly waiting for this announcement: From now on we can proudly announce that we have a top-functioning interface to EGYM with the Magicline. For you as a studio operator as well as for your members this partnership has a great added value and enables an even smoother training process.

The cooperation between EGYM and Magicline was first announced at the “Magicline Deep Dive” during the Open SPACE Conventions on August 26th in Krefeld, Germany. The goal of the new partnership is to create a successful digital ecosystem for the entire fitness industry. This news was extremely well received by studio operators and industry representatives in attendance.

Image: Magicline and EGYM team
From left to right: Daniel Hanelt (CEO Magicline), Simon Hartmann (Senior Sales EGYM), Daniel Sichelschmidt (Junior Sales EGYM), Konstantin Wolkowa (Profit Center Manager Magicline).

“We know that the fitness industry has been waiting a long time for a close cooperation between EGYM and Magicline. Together we will now create synergies through the cooperation of our teams to maximize customer value. There are so many common ideas to promote digitalization in our industry – let’s tackle it,” said Daniel Hanelt, CEO of Magicline.

Benefits for you and your members

The cooperation enables trainers a smooth access to the “EGYM Connected Training Floor”.

Already in the course of the next month, a number of basic functions, such as member transfer/synchronization, check-ins and RFID transfer will be available. Other features – such as booking classes for studio members via the EGYM Branded Member App or controlling EGYM+ and EGYM Smart Strength devices – will follow successively in the coming months.

EGYM’s Daniel Sichelschmidt adds, “Everyone has been waiting for this collaboration. Now we can work together to take the studio experience to the next level. Loosely based on Magicline: ‘The digital future of your gym’ and Egym: ‘Make the Gym work for everyone’, the respective mottos mesh together. Our customers benefit maximally from the resulting synergies! We are looking forward to everything that is coming!”

Interface to EGYM also works internationally

The interface also works without restrictions abroad. “In all countries in which we are compatible with Magicline, the Open API to EGYM also works,” says Nico Festl from Magicline, who is in charge of the technical integration. This means that studio operators in Italy, the Czech Republic, the UK, France or Spain, among others, can also take advantage of the new interface. 

“But this is just the beginning, because as strategic partners we are constantly developing the interface further together with EGYM. In doing so, the focus is always on the benefits of the studio owners for both companies, so that they can continue to offer their members the best possible service in the future,” says Sven Eismann, Partner & Key Account Executive and responsible for Magicline sales in the DACH region.

Become a partner now

You are interested in a technical integration and want to become a partner? Just fill out the form and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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Maike Kumstel

on September 12, 2022

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