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Magicline in Canada

Recently we had the chance to talk to the first Magicline customers in Canada. Sandra and Dirk run a family fitness business in Nova Scotia after moving there from their home country Germany.

They have been working with Magicline for several years in their studio in Germany already, then moved overseas and chose to use Magicline in Canada as well. Their story, values and studio concept is very inspiring and worth a read!

Image: Canada gym building
The gym building

International experience

Tell us about your story – when and why did you open your second gym? What is special about your gyms?

After more than 13 years of running a gym in Germany, we were ready for a new additional challenge. In Germany, we run a gym that is up to date from a technical stand point. It also offers an advanced health concept aimed to boost the immune system, which is especially important nowadays. One day we had the idea to bring this concept across the big pond and see how it would be accepted in Canada.

In our German studio we have an entire e-gym circuit and various other pieces of e-gym equipment, which guarantee optimal and individualised training. As you can connect the equipment via an app, you can see imbalances in the body and track your training success easily.

Image: Equipment in the Canadian studio
Equipment in the Canadian studio

How did you find out about Magicline in Germany?

When we opened our studio in Germany back then, we had one of the first versions of Magicline installed on the computer. After trying out several other programs, we came to the conclusion that Magicline is the best software for us.

What did you appreciate about Magicline? Which functions do you like best?

The best thing about Magicline is that it can be used from anywhere in the world. In case our personell at the gym has a question, it’s easy to log on and troubleshoot from home, while shopping at the supermarket or even from the beach.

Do you want to learn more about Magicline and its features?

Magicline in Canada

How does Magicline support your daily work?

For us it is an enormous help that everything is displayed and reported in detail. It makes it very easy to be the bookkeeper and understand everything, even with a somewhat different tax system here in Canada.

What were the reasons for you to choose Magicline for your studio in Canada?

The market here in Canada definitely lacks such a system that offers staff management, merchandise sales and accounting in one solution. Most studios here actually work with 2 to 3 programmes in parallel, which also means double to triple workload.

Image: Sales of products is possible via Magicline as well
Sales of products is possible via Magicline as well

What are the striking differences between having your own studio in Germany and in Canada?

In Germany, the calculation of future income is sort of “safer”. There are often 1-2 year contracts and it is easier to estimate the income/turnover. People in Germany are health-conscious and used to receiving optimal training plans from the trainer on a regular basis.

In Canada, on the other hand, there are only short contract commitments, namely 1 week, 1 month or sometimes 4 months with very rare annual contracts.

Furthermore, we want to establish healthy eating habits and joint-friendly exercising for the members in our gym as these topics are not very present here.

What was your experience with the internationalisation process of Magicline in Canada?

I can only say thumbs up here! The programmers were working day and night to localise everything!

How will your concept develop over the next few years? Which trends do you see in the industry that you think you should follow?

The idea of working with electronic devices (e.g. e-gym) definitely is the future. But the fact that training is more efficient when it’s tailored to each person’s individual body must first mature in people’s minds. Regular assessments via an app and corresponding weight adjustments are a must! These principles need to be taught in order to get more healthy people. This is our mission!

Thanks so much for this inspiring interview Sandra and Dirk!

We wish you all the best in your new home Canada!

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