Our partnership with myFitApp

Two open platforms: The best of both worlds

Magicline and myFitApp

In this article you'll learn:

  • What the partnership is about
  • How the integration supports your business

We have entered into an international, strategic partnership with myFitApp and are closely integrating our products and experience to jointly create new solutions for customers internationally.

The unique bi-directional integration of both platforms will enable gym operators to leverage the strengths of both companies to deliver a great hybrid member experience inside and outside the gym.

Combined solution opens up new marketing opportunities

Through this partnership, operators can create a fast, easy studio app tailored to their needs with a customised user experience, branding and rich functionality. They can design their studio app according to their own business requirements and connect it to Magicline.

“We are pleased to have found another partner in myFitApp to further drive our open platform strategy ‘Open SPACE’. This creates an open ecosystem where customers have freedom of choice regarding the solutions they use, such as myFitApp or our MySports app,” commented Daniel Hanelt, CEO of Magicline.

Positive interaction for customers

The open approaches of both companies is leading to great synergies for innovative collaboration. Members who sign up in the myFitApp can book classes, manage their membership and add new subscriptions.

They can also refer friends and guests or sign a membership contract directly.

“The digital member experience and effective digital marketing have become essential to the success of fitness centres,” says Thomas Schuster, CEO of myFitApp. “We are very excited about the partnership and look forward to driving the digitalisation of gyms with our combined solution.”

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