Tech investor PSG invests 60 million euros in Sport Alliance

Funding for Sport Alliance

Dear Magicline Family,

We have great news for you: our umbrella company Sport Alliance has received an investment of 60 million euros from growth capital provider PSG. It is a milestone in the history of our company, but it is also an important event for the entire industry. With this investment, we can now develop even faster, and even better products for your success and growth.

A joint success story

For many years, we have been working every day and with great passion to offer you the best possible management software for your fitness, sports and health facilities. And today we are one of the most successful gym management software companies in Europe with over 4,200 customers. Such growth naturally makes us very proud.

But we could never have achieved this growth without you! We have always depended on your feedback and participation in the development of Magicline. It is our joint success story that has now reached a climax.

We would like to say thank you for that.

The future lies in state-of-the-art technology

The last few years have been difficult for all of us with a pandemic that forced us to deal with unprecedented situations. But in the last two years we have also seen that the future lies in state-of-the-art technology. And that is why we have put all our efforts into the further development of our software in oder to best support our clients in this time of crisis.

We have supported you in complying to hygiene measures and distance rules easily by developing features such as the utilization display for your studio or the zoom integration for online streaming.

With we have created a unique booking portal that gives digital access to your studio easily for everyone. We have the highest rated member app in the industry and there is so much more to come…

The potential of Sport Alliance and the fitness industry is gigantic. Exercise and health are in high demand and the industry will regain its strength. It will grow beyond itself. We are convinced of this, just like our investor PSG, who is now accompanying us on this journey. 

PSG is a leading technology investor

US- based PSG is a leading growth capital provider that helps software companies navigate and capitalize on transformational growth.

With PSG’s support and growth capital, we will now be able to achieve our ambitious goals in Europe and worldwide even faster, which will benefit all our customers.

Faster and better product development and internationalization

One thing is certain: with the fresh capital, we will be able to push the further development of Magicline even faster. Of course, we are looking forward to implementing all the ideas and projects we have in mind. But we will also consider your wishes and suggestions, which we can address in a more focused way now.

In addition, we will push our international expansion even more. We already have many customers abroad, but there are still some very individual requirements for specific countries we are working on. Now we can implement these faster and fully focus on them!

All this is only possible with a strong team, which we naturally want to strengthen significantly. A large part of the money will be invested in new staff, which is urgently needed to be able to implement all the many projects perfectly.

What does the investment mean for gyms?

Nothing changes for you as a customer, except that you can look forward to many cool features and functions. You can be sure that with Magicline, you will be able to upgrade your studio management to a technological top level and that with us you are in the best possible position for the future.

Now more than ever!

Thank you all so much!

We would like to thank you all once again, because without your support and trust we would not be working on our products with such passion.

Best wishes and here’s to a great future for the industry

Your Magicline – a company of the Sport Alliance

Official press release on the Sport Alliance website

Maike Kumstel

on August 20, 2021

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