Building Community with Automated Communication

Community through communication

This last year we have understood the importance of building community more than ever. Community keeps our clients inspired to keep up with their workouts.

It helps our businesses continue to thrive despite not being able to be connected in-person. One way of building a community besides others (events, challenges, workshops etc.) is communication. How can we make this easier for us, the fit-pro, business owner, trainer, human being out there hustling to make it all happen?

That’s exactly what our tech automations are for. Magicline, one of the leading gym management software, can support you with automated, centralized and customized communication in order to make your life way easier and your community building by itself.

Serving our Loyal Fans

How can we stay heard and relevant within a sea of social media posts and emails in order to build a community? First of all, sweet sigh of relief, know that your clients are searching for you.

They are probably already looking for the emblem of your brand, watching your videos and reading your stories as if they were a light home. Their experience of trust and community with you has already been established (make sure it stays that way!).

While sometimes the rest of their life may get in the way and they meant to register for that pop-up workshop you are offering this weekend.. all they need is a simple push notification as a reminder and they are in.

Magicline keeps this process simple for yourself- just set up an automated email regarding a workshop and then an automated in-app notification as a reminder to a desired time. Then you can rest easy knowing that your most loyal fans are taken care of and watch the digital participant list grow in your software dashboard. 

Image: In App notification via Magicline
In App notification via Magicline

Converting our Prospects

The bigger challenge is catching those prospects and bringing them into the fold. The ones who would do a drop-in class to the studio just to check things out after you’ve inspired them to join via your free booking page provided by Magicline. You’d notice them right away and could easily go over to them to start a conversation, making sure they enjoyed the session, perhaps suggesting other classes or teachers.

Now, they may still drop in your virtual class, but before you have a chance to say thanks for coming on, they’ve dropped out of the space and back into the abyss with only an email address left in their wake. This is where we need to dig in a little deeper, but certainly don’t despair. 

An email address goes a very long way in building community. In fact, every email you have is worth its weight in gold over how many likes or followers on social. With an email address you are in control. While we still need the recipient to open the email, at least you aren’t at the mercy of algorithms or what may or may not appear on someone’s feed.

In order to convert our prospects to members we first need to set up a notification rule for every prospect, who attended a trial class. They should receive a follow up email automatically. This is very easy and done in seconds within Magicline’s communication center.

Image: Notification rules in Magicline
Notification rules in Magicline

Next, we have to personalize it. Not just with colours and logos but personal as in from you, your heart, your values, why you are passionate about what you do. Thank you for coming to class, here’s a discount for your next class isn’t enough anymore. (So please stop discounting your services!).

Image: Email templates in Magicline
Email templates in Magicline

Building Connection

People want connection. They want to feel a part of a community. They want to know you and they want to hear your story. Use your automatic emails to set up a journey for them over 7-10 days.

Introduce yourself, share the origin story of your brand and not just the good parts but the obstacles too. Provide a bit of education for them, remind them of your services and make sure you include a few testimonials.

Start building an emotional connection through your emails and your community will grow, because after all community is what we all want. The fitness is the bonus cherry on top. 

I hope you enjoyed my tips on building community with communication! Reach out to Magicline if you want to know more about the many features that Magicline offers beyond communication!

They also have a very special offer right now: 1st year for free, 2nd 50% off!

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Lisa Greenbaum

on June 24, 2021

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