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Magicline customer LynxCross

Magicline started its international expansion with the Spanish market entry in 2020 and lots of success stories can already be reported. Several gyms have implemented the gym management software to digitalise the processes in their studios.

One of the very satisfied customers is Christian from LynxCross in Barcelona, who has been working with Magicline for some time now and will tell us about his project and his experience with Magicline.

Christian, LynxCross is a very interesting concept. Would you like to tell us a bit more about it?

LynxCross unites the principles of functional and high intensity training by using three dimensions: floor, wall and weight. We learn to move with our own weight on the floor and in the vertical space.

Sandbags are used for external weight, which allows for very dynamic movements. The wall is what distinguishes us the most, we are the first system that adapts the training of sport climbers to the fitness format.

Image: LynxCross success story
LynxCross combines climbing and fitness

How long have you been working in the Barcelona region?

I opened my own LynxCross centre in 2015, but I was already working on its development 5 years earlier in climbing centres.

Tell us a bit about yourself and how you started this project.

Well, it was very interesting to see how it all evolved. I was a fanatic of difficult climbing- a rock climbing radical.

When I was very young I trained as a teacher and trainer and soon started to prepare people for rock climbing. Sometimes I would get angry with my clients because although they were constantly training on the climbing wall, they didn’t spend enough time on rock climbing.

I would tell them: you have to rock climb every weekend, every day of the year. No exception: if you have your own wedding to celebrate, you climb in the morning and get married in the afternoon.

But I realised something very interesting: although most of my clients were not climbing fanatics, they were still training at the climbing wall and pushing themselves hard. I understood that for many people, locomotion climbing was fun and went beyond mountaineering. I understood that climbing on the climbing wall has its own thrill. That was the seed that years later would encourage me to adapt climbing to fitness.

Image: Learn to move with your own body weight- on the floor or on the climbing wall
Learn to move with your own body weight- on the floor or on the climbing wall

What do you think about digitalisation, do you think there are any digital tools that can help gyms and sports centres to improve their relationship with athletes?

Everything has changed and everything is changing faster every day. It can be overwhelming. Digitising is not an option any more. The question is how to do it. Either you do it with 100 tools that can be very powerful but do not form an ecosystem of their own and you waste a lot of time, or you do it with a specialised system that covers all your needs.

When you have one system, you are more agile, you communicate better and you serve the needs of your clients better -they appreciate that.

You chose Magicline. What are your favourite features of the software?

I can’t tell you which is my favourite. The functions related to communication are very powerful. It makes your company a more human space by making communication more personalised.

Magicline has also made it much easier for me to register new members and personalise memberships. My clients have also appreciated the appointment booking system through the app.

But I think one of my favourite features is the management based on reports, as it gives you a very quick and clear view of your performance, which improves your ability to anticipate and make decisions. Magicline has changed the way I look at my own business. I no longer work in the same way.

Christian, thank you very much for your time and the interview!

You would like to know more about the features Christian mentioned? Check out our website and read our article 6 reasons for holistic gym management software on or contact us directly!

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