Fit on the internet – Part 3: Your classes and videos

Learn how to create successful online classes

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In this article you'll learn:

  • How to plan your class
  • How to create a structure for your online class
  • What a checklist for filming looks like

Your class offer

In the last article of our series “Fit on the Internet” we introduced you to the technical options there are to be perfectly set up for online classes.

Now it’s down to the nitty gritty: your actual online content. Basically, the online class is nothing more than a class like you and your trainers would give in the studio. Just with virtual participants.

It only feels weird at first, then it gets really fun. If you keep a few things in mind, your class will motivate your members and be a success. Word gets around and you will gain new participants.

At the beginning there is the class planning

Image: Class planning is everything- also online
Class planning is everything

What Corona has initiated will stay for the future: the combination of online and offline offers. In our article, we explain the necessity and the great advantages of hybrid studio concepts.  

You’ve already been a pro with your offline offering for a long time. Now here are tips for your online classes.

Just like in a normal studio, you need to plan instructors, classes and rooms. Even if your participants are not on site, they need a virtual training room, a coach and an appointment. This can easily lead to double occupancy if you are not managing it well. Magicline’s class planning can help you avoid this. You specify which resources you need and when. This way, they are blocked and cannot be accidentally scheduled twice. 

This does not only apply to instructors, but also equipment. For example, if you only have one camera, you can’t offer two live online classes at the same time.

Class script

Be sure to structure the class content, the schedule, and which exercises you want to include. Make a script, so you don’t have to improvise in front of the camera.

Your class could look like this:

  • 1. Greeting

How do you greet your participants, note down keywords so that you don’t forget any information.

  • 2. Topic, content of the class

Tell your participants what’s coming up today and what they can expect from the session. You can include some information on anatomy and what the specific exercises will help your members with. Make it entertaining, not too technical.

  • 3. Required equipment

Tell your participants what they need for the exercises. Have the equipment ready yourself and show them to your audience. Equipment substitutes can be full water bottles, books, a chair, …. . No professional equipment should be needed for home workouts.

Chat a bit while your participants get their equipment ready.

  • 4. Warm-up

A few warm-up exercises are not only important, they also give time in case someone doesn’t have their equipment together yet.

Explain the effect of the warm-up as you demonstrate the exercises.

  • 5. Exercises

Demonstrate and explain your exercises. Point out common mistakes like breathing, misalignment, overloading, etc….

  • 6. Stretching, cool-down

The stretching offers you an ideal opportunity to talk to the participants in a relaxed way. Of course, you should also briefly discuss the individual exercises. 

  • 7. Preview

Talk about upcoming classes. Give an exciting preview, so that everyone wants to be there again next time.

  • 8. Farewell

Actually, everyone automatically does this right. But in the excitement in front of the camera? Say thank you, it was fun, look forward to next time, see you soon.

Make bullet points for each agenda item on your script: What do you want to say? Which exercises will be done when exactly? Then run through it in your mind’s eye and estimate how long this class would take. Go through it again, edit, add or shorten if necessary. Practice makes perfect.

You can place your script inconspicuously somewhere on the floor or, for example, on a flip chart next to the camera. A rehearsal also gives you and your employees confidence in front of the camera.

How to produce your online class

Image: Digital classes from anywhere
Digital classes from anywhere

Offer your members only classes online that they can do at home. This means for example to only include exercises that take up little space. Use equipment that everyone has at home: Water bottles, a chair, a broomstick, a belt, etc. Avoid jumps, the neighbors of your participants will thank you.

How to film properly. A checklist

  • Check your equipment before the start of the class, do a short test run: video, sound, connection to the internet.
  • If you don’t have a cameraman, set up the camera on a stable tripod so that you are in the picture as much as possible the whole time. Mark the visible area, e.g. with tape on the floor.
  • Put yourself in the right light. Avoid dark shadows or light sources (sun, windows, lamps, …) directly in the picture. Soft, indirect light is definitely better than hard, strong direct light.
  • Less is more. Do without decoration, choose a background that is as calm as possible. Remember that some participants take part in the class with a smartphone or tablet. There should be nothing superfluous on such a small picture.
  • If you want to add music to your class, be sure to use loyalty-free music. Anything else will be really expensive.
  • Get your camera running and greet your participants as you would in an offline class. Introduce yourself briefly – there might be new participants in the class.
  • Give a brief overview of the class and exercises. Also announce the expected duration. Tell them what equipment they might need to have ready.
  • Try to look into the camera as often as possible and address the participants directly. Describe and explain what you are doing. Not everyone is always looking at the display or monitor.
  • Keep your members in view when they are connected via Zoom and cue them in the same way as in face-to-face training. Correct posture, optimal movement, correct breathing.
  • When the class is over, say goodbye and announce the next class.
  • Look critically at the recording and check what you can improve.

Use recordings for on- demand

Generate new leads and reach on social media with your class recordings. To do this, it is helpful to prepare, shorten and cut the video. Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, etc. offer the necessary tools – you don’t need any extra software or professional skills.


  • Always create the same framework for your videos, no matter on which platform they appear. Always the same intro, always the same farewell. This ensures recognition, makes your studio a brand and is simply professional.
  • Not everyone wants to be seen on the internet. If it is possible to recognize participants in live streams, for example, get their permission beforehand – and be sure to get it in writing.
  • Once your class is over, you can either make the recording publicly available or make it available exclusively to your members. This is how you attract new participants to your classes.

Be brief to create curiosity

Of course, you can also pre-produce video posts for social media. This is ideal for online workouts. Especially if you don’t feel like going live and would like to see the whole video and edit it if necessary before it goes online.

Or you can produce a series of short teaser clips. You can intersperse these as advertisements for your studio on Facebook or Instagram to creatively attract new prospects to your studio and online classes. A short introduction, a short workout that you can do in the office or while cooking. Done. 30 seconds that will leave you wanting more.


Proceed well planned and rather start with small pre-produced video contributions. With every minute of filming, the routine and the fun of recording grows. Just take a step- by step approach without pressure.

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