Hybrid Concepts Are Here to Stay!

Hybrid is here to stay

The Most Innovative Post-Pandemic Tips for Gym Owners

Without question, a global pandemic has forced gym owners around-the globe to quickly reimagine and reinvent their role in the industry. Long gone are the days when a successful fitness facility is defined by overflowing in-person classes with sweaty participants flowing in and out each hour.

Constantly-changing health and safety guidelines coupled with the slow roll out of vaccinations, has forced owners to be innovative or close their doors.

As a result, 2021 marks a new age in the fitness industry as the hybrid concept gym experience becomes more and more popular. In fact, the most successful global fitness leaders have already adopted these forward-looking ideas.

What seems to be a common theme among fitness professionals and gym owners around-the-globe is that the hybrid concept is the key to future success.

However, finding the right balance between live and virtual classes will vary depending on the size and demographics of each facility. With that being said, fully embracing the new virtual world of health and fitness is paramount when envisioning your 2021 goals and beyond!


You are no longer just a brick and mortar. You are serving your community, but you are also serving the world. What programs are you offering?

Reimagine your group exercise or personal training schedule to make the best use of your time and resources by reaching out to any warm leads such as schools, organizations, and companies that may not be in your area. Use social media as a FREE resource to ask questions and poll audiences about bringing virtual classes to the comfort of their home or office.

2. Hybrid Concepts Are Here To Stay! 

With the success of at home workout equipment and APPS such as Peloton and the Mirror, many people around the world have fallen in love with the ability to receive a high quality, safe and effective workout in the comfort and convenience of their own home.

Reducing travel time to and from the gym along with a lower chance of being exposed to COVID-19, has changed the way gym owners need to market their programs. Allowing for both in-person and live-streamed workouts provide an awesome opportunity to build community while also also including those clients who may not feel comfortable stepping back into the gym. With the help of gym management software, gym owners can close the gap between virtual and physical training.

Image: Virtual home workout
Virtual home workout

3. Technology Is Your Friend! 

While many participants and clients may not be ready to be back in the gym, they are ready to be held accountable. Wearables such as MyZONE or Apple watches and other devices and apps are a great way to keep track of your clients progress.

But also gym management software like Magicline offers plenty of options to hold your members accountable. With the training support feature you can save all kinds of data in digital assessment and check- up forms that automatically show the member’s progress in nice graphs.

Training plans and videos can be sent immediately to the members via a free app and push- notifications can motivate your member on a daily basis.

Image: Exercise video in the MySports App
Exercise video in the MySports App

4. Re-Build or Build Trust! 

Can you spare 15 minutes a day to personally reach out to former, current or prospective clients? Imagine writing 10 personalized emails, making 10 phone calls, or leaving 20 short personal texts. That equates to about 300 conversations per month and 3,600 personal touches per year.

With Magicline this personalized communication is even easier and done very efficiently: all automatically and still customized! Set up notification rules and create different messaging for different target groups with just a few clicks!

Communication builds trust and trust begins with communication. While not every person may be ready to return in-person, educating clients on your exciting new Post-COVID improvements opens dialogue for future relationships and referrals.

5. Embrace the Unknown

How many times will the guidelines change for your gym or fitness facility? While there is no way to predict the future, there is a way to prepare for it! Be sure to not only develop a plan with detailed protocol to handle sudden operational changes, but also a platform in place to clearly communicate this information out to staff and members.

Any new guidelines should be made available through daily emails, text messages, phone calls, before anyone enters the gym. Therefore, investing in the right technology can be the difference between a successful post-COVID business or having to close your doors forever. 

6. Incentivize Like Your Business Depends On It…Because It Does! 

Image: Tracking improvements in the MySports App
Tracking progress in the MySports App

What are you doing to hold your members accountable? Are you running weekly, monthly or yearly challenges? Are you celebrating even the smallest gains? Are you using social media to publicly praise your members every single day?

What are you doing to create an empowering culture? Post-COVID gyms must utilize technology to provide a heightened sense of community by keeping track of member goals and accomplishments. So make a move now and inform yourself about the best gym management software out there, for example Magicline.

7. “Emotion Drives Motion”-Jonathan Ross

As a gym owner, it is important to remember that clients may not remember what you say, but they will always remember how you made them feel. Now, more than ever, catering to the mental health of your staff and clients by providing them a positive experience will separate you from the competition.

Consider greeting every member by name upon arrival and also congratulate them as they leave. When your clients have a great experience, they will become your best referral base! 

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Christine Conti

on June 01, 2021

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