How to keep your members safe

Keep your gym a safe place

Safety in the gym

Though fitness facilities around the globe may differ greatly in size, layout and services offered, and the situations and restrictions differ a lot between countries, states and even districts, each one is making changes to keep your members safe from COVID-19.

No matter if your health clubs and studios are still closed, have already reopened or are in the process of getting ready to do so, it is the perfect time to take a close look at the top 8 best practices to keep your members safe, healthy and happy as we navigate this “new normal”. 

1. Start with your local guidelines

The rules for re-opening facilities are as diverse as the facilities themselves.  While one municipality may require both employees and clients to undergo temperature screenings and wear masks, another may not.  In addition to keeping up with the local requirements, be sure to  keep your members informed of changes through signage, social media posts and direct communication.

2. Place sanitation stations

Place “sanitation stations” throughout the facility with disposable wipes and hand sanitizer. Consider placing them in spots that, upon first glance, may seem in the way.  Make it more difficult NOT to use them.

3. Ensure distance

Rearrange the gym floor to allow for ample distance between equipment.  Don’t have a lot of excess space? Create barriers in between stations: vinyl curtains hanging from the ceiling or attached to moveable PVC pipe structures can be a low cost and easily constructed option.

Image: Create distance between equipment
Create distance between equipment

4. Install hands free devices

Install hands free devices in restrooms. If cost is a concern, start small with hands free soap dispensers and be sure to apply the self-cleaning strips to the restroom doors and a sanitation station right outside!

5. Increase cleaning staff and visibility

Gone are the days of off hours cleaning crews.  The more your members see staff cleaning equipment, the safer they will feel AND the more likely they are to do it themselves.

Image: Cleaning your equipment is key
Cleaning your equipment is key

6. Add safety focused merch

There are a number of things that your members may now need to bring with them.  The first step is to communicate through signage, social media posts and direct communication what these things are so there are no surprises.  For example, if the drinking fountains have been closed, members may feel that you are cornering them into purchasing water.  Consider giving a  bottled water as a one-time courtesy, and have refillable water bottles to sell.  Branded ones of course!   This same approach can apply to masks.

7. Communicate with your members

Give your members access to important information that can help them feel in control of their own safety.  For example, communicate to your members what the slower times of day are so they can consider coming then.  You can post these timeframes on social media and offer some kind of perk for working out during off hours- maybe 10% off of your newly branded face masks. 

There is software that can support you in this point dramatically. With Magicline, a leading gym management software, you can track and monitor the utilization rate in your studio in real time and then use the communication center to easily send out your messaging with special offers or tips on when to come for a workout with just a few clicks. Magicline also offers a member app that displays the current utilization rate. This way your members fell safe at any time!

Image: MySports app studio notification
MySports app studio notification

8. Create a video tour

Create a video tour of your facility to highlight all of these changes. Make this video prominent on your free landing page that is provided by Magicline, the free member app or your social media pages and encourage your staff and members to share it.  Current members who haven’t yet ventured in because of doubts or fears will feel more comfortable returning and prospects will be encouraged to join. 

If you want to know more about Magicline software, its features and the app, reach out!

Regardless of the size, layout or business model of the facility, keeping your members safe and healthy has always been a top priority. That hasn’t changed.


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Karli Taylor

on May 28, 2021

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