Magicline is global!

A gym management software conquers the world

Magicline goes global

Magicline conquers the world

There is exciting news that we would like to share with you: Magicline is global! From now on, the gym management software is available to all studio operators worldwide. After the launch in many European countries such as Spain, France and Italy, the expansion continues.

For you, this means that we can now develop Magicline even faster and thus cover even more needs thanks to the feedback we receive from all over the globe.

Image: Magicline is global
Magicline is available in many countries already

Interview with Maike Kumstel

To celebrate this day, we asked our colleague Maike Kumstel, International Business Development Manager for the English-speaking markets at Sport Alliance, for an interview. It gives you an insight into our global plans and what “global” actually means.

Image: Maike Kumstel, Magicline is global
Maike Kumstel, International Business Development Manager for the English- speaking markets

If you would like to open a studio in an English-speaking country, make an appointment with Maike for a free, non-binding consultation.

Hello Maike! Thanks for taking the time for us today.

The latest news is a reason to celebrate: Magicline is global. But “global” sounds big. I am sure there is a lot to consider.

Yes absolutely, especially since we don’t want to provide a generic software, but a service that is tailor-made for the different countries as well as our diverse group of customers.

By doing so, we also have to take seemingly basic things like different time zones into account. But these basics are very important when operating globally. We need to ensure that the class schedule, that someone creates in the U.S., is based on a different time zone than the schedule that someone works on in England.

Also, there are various legal and taxation related challenges to overcome, in order for our customers to use our software safely and in accordance to government requirements.

To provide our customers with the best possible service, we have of course also extensively studied the respective specifics, cultures and needs of a country. Especially during the COVID 19 pandemic fitness providers worldwide have been faced with challenging times and constantly changing situations that we considered as well.

But all these very versatility and diverse challenges make this special launch even more exciting! Being able to deal with customers from all over the world is one of the reasons why we have planned this launch so passionately. Now we can hardly wait to really get started and inspire our customers!

How did you approach such a big launch?

First of all, we conducted an intensive market analysis to familiarise ourselves with market developments and to identify the current needs and problems of our customers. In addition, we analysed possible opportunities and niches that we can serve with our product.

This built the foundation for us to customise our software specifically to the identified needs and specifics of the countries and thus to offer a cloud-based solution that strongly supports gyms in their daily lives.

Nevertheless, we are aware that we will still experience a strong learning curve after the launch. We are very excited to be able to reach even more customers now and to develop Magicline further together with them.

What do you expect from the global launch?

We are now ready to go global, but we will focus on the large English-speaking fitness markets like Great Britain and the U.S. first.

The goal in the first few months is to be in close contact with our customers. We want to receive valuable feedback that enables us to further develop the software and to adapt according to the needs of the customers. This has always been our credo and has made us the market leader we are today.

Also, we want to gain further insights into the international fitness industry and identify other countries with potential. With the help of our software we ultimately want to digitally revolutionise the fitness industry worldwide .

How does the global launch look like? What is planned?

We will promote our special launch offer (free use of Magicline for a whole year) via all common channels such as social media, press and strategic partnerships. Besides that, we will also distribute relevant content and helpful business tips for studio owners and managers.

Image: Magicline is global! Get our software for free
Get Europe’s leading gym software for free

The ultimate goal is to offer studio owners – whether they run a single studio or an entire chain of studios – added value. In addition to using the software, we want to provide other tools such as valuable content that will make their business even more successful.

In addition, we also want to build a global community that is intended to help studio owners make better decisions. The community will support the long-term success of the gym managers through the mutual exchange of experiences.

This will certainly be an exciting time for all of us! Thank you for your answers, Maike.  

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Any questions?
Maike from Magicline will help you.

You are interested in our gym management software Magicline and our special launch offer? I am happy to consult you and lookig forward to getting to know you better! Maike

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