Magicline websites

How to set them up and use them successfully

Magicline websites

In this article you'll learn:

  • What Magicline websites are
  • What the benefits the studio and offer pages include

With a strong online presence to more members

Address your target group directly where they do their research: online. A strong online presence helps you to convince people of your offer. Magicline websites support you to do just that without any development knowledge needed. They offer you a portfolio of different page types where people can sign memberships directly online. You can set them up in a few minutes, customize them as you wish and management is super easy.
In this article you will learn which page types you can use for different purposes.

Studio pages

You can easily create studio pages independently and individually to offer online membership signings and the booking of free trial trainings. They basically consist of three different page types – individually selectable for the respective project: A location overview page, pages for booking trial trainings and pages for signing a membership.

With the help of the studio pages, you can create your own individual page in your Magicline with the look and feel of your own studio with just a few clicks. There are no additional costs for you. In addition, the pages in your studio’s own design are available to you within a few minutes.

Image: Studio pages
Studio pages

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Increase your conversions through professional high- quality websites for membership signings and trial training bookings in the design of your studio.
  • Compatible with various devices: smartphone, tablet, desktop PC
  • Analysis and optimization through integration of Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel

The studio pages are already available from the price package Basic.

Offer pages

With the help of the offer pages you now have the possibility to create your own pages for your own marketing activities and campaigns.

Of course, you can also configure offer pages individually and create them in the design of your studio. You have free choice of titles, images and offer descriptions. This way you can adapt the page to the respective campaign and target group and optimize the success.

Image: Offer pages
Offer pages

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Promote special membership offers independently from regular offers, e.g. for time-limited specials
  • Ideal for promotions and campaigns
  • Easy creation, compatibility with all major end devices, analysis via Google Analytics and integration of Facebook Pixel

The offer pages are available from the price package “Advanced”.

More to come

With the studio and offer pages we have launched the first two website types for special online use-cases. More page types are already planned or in the works. As soon as there is news, you will find it here.

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