Vaccination certificate upload for faster check-in

Vaccination certificate for gym members

The vaccination rate is rising

Around 70% of the total population in the European Union is now fully vaccinated against COVID-19. Many countries want to still increase this number in order to prepare for the upcoming winter and avoid another pandemic wave. Therefore they still have strict rules in place and came up with rules that incentivise vaccinations.

In some countries like Germany fitness providers have to ensure that a member holds a valid vaccination certificate, proof of recovery or a valid negative test result. Without the certificates the member is not allowed to train in the studio.

No time-consuming verification process needed anymore

Up until now members had to show a valid certificate at the check-in to a person upon every entry or an employee had to manually enter the information for each member, which then had to be checked upon every entry. This process was very time-consuming and error-prone.

But there’s good news: We at Magicline developed a unique feature that enables fitness providers to comply with the restrictions without wasting a lot of time checking and entering the vaccination certificates or proof of recovery!

Your members can now upload vaccination certificates themselves digitally via our app “MySports”!

Advantages of the vaccination certificate upload at a glance:

  • Your members upload the certificates themselves via the MySports Self-Service
  • Fast upload for vaccinated and recovered people
  • Fully automatic verification and deposit of the certificate by Magicline
  • Huge time saving as you no longer have to check and save the certificates manually
  • Data protection: Only with the explicit permission members can upload data. agicline does not use no third party providers.

Scan – Upload – Train

With the new feature, your members can scan the QR code on their vaccination certificate via your studio’s own MySports app or upload it as a photo in the self-service area. Magicline verifies the authenticity and validity of the certificate in the background and automatically adds it to the corresponding member file.

Data such as the start of the full vaccination protection and the expiration date of the vaccination protection (depending e.g. on the respective country) are now registered in the member file without any additional effort for you.

There is no need to show, scan or upload anything again. The member is marked as ‘vaccinated’ and can check in with you at the studio without any problems.

You can set up the configuration of the feature manually. This means that you can define a different duration of vaccination protection or other restrictions depending on the country and the requirements of the respective federal state you are in.

We ensure data protection

To ensure data protection and privacy, the upload is only possible with the explicit consent of the member.

If you want to use the new upload feature to its full extent, you need at least a Magicline Medium subscription. This enables you to activate the self-service area for your members. Want to learn more about our self-service area? You are welcome to make an appointment with one of our experts free of charge and without obligation.

How to set up the feature

Step 1: Set access restrictions for members without certificates

To activate access restrictions for members without a valid COVID certificate go to Settings / Access Control / General and set all relevant settings there. Once you have activated the restrictions, only members with the appropriate credentials will have access to your studio.

Image: Access restrictions for members without COVID certificates
Access restrictions for members without COVID certificates

Step 2: Activate upload function

To activate the upload function for the COVID certificates go to MySports / Administration / Self-Service / Personal member data and click on “edit”. Set the dropdown for Digital COVID certificate to activated. Your members can now submit their certificates via the MySports app.

Step 3: Upload of the certificate by your members

Your members can now easily upload a COVID certificate in the self-service area of your studio in the MySports app.

Then they are able to check- in to the studio without presenting the certificate again.

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Maike Kumstel

on November 17, 2021

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