Your new loyalty program

Loyalty program

In this article, you'll learn:

  • What the new loyalty program is
  • What benefits it will bring you
  • How to get started

Retain members for the long term

Naturally members tend to quit or switch to other fitness providers at some point if they find better alternatives. Corona has multiplied the loss of members.

Many fitness providers therefore often focus exclusively on new customer acquisition. However, it is also of great importance to retain existing members.

A higher customer retention rate has a lasting effect on your financial security, so that you remain more financially independent and stable even in difficult situations. This is because your loyal members will support you even if your studio closes.

Customer loyalty program for more success

The new customer loyalty program in Magicline supports you in keeping your existing members in your studio. Motivate your members to train with you, reward them for check-ins, workouts or the lengths of their membership and thus increase your customer retention rate.

Magicline loyalty program

Your advantages at a glance

  • Customer retention through motivation, rewards and fun
  • Easily accessible via the free MySports app
  • Individually configurable for each studio in your Magicline
  • Increase in turnover through increased sales of drinks, etc.
  • Customer loyalty without high additional costs or time expenditure

How to use your customer loyalty program

You can configure your customer loyalty program individually. Set the different achievements/ levels that members need to reach to get their rewards.
For your inspiration, we have collected a few examples here. But there are also many other possibilities:


You define different levels to reach that represent the amount of time a member has trained with you. Level 1 is e.g. a 3 months membership, level 2 6 months, level 3 1 year and so on. If a member reaches level 1, they will receive a branded towel from you. At level 2 it’s a consumption credit of 5 Euro, at level 3 you could offer e.g. a free hour of personal training.


Base your levels on the number of check-ins of your members. For a check-in your member collects points, e.g. 1 check-in equals 1 point. At 10 points your member gets the first reward, at 25 points the next one and so on.

If you use your own products like shakes, bars, consumption credits or merchandise for the rewards, you can even use the customer loyalty program to increase your sales. After all, if the shake tastes good, there’s a good chance your member might buy a second or third one.

Image: activity progress in MySports
Activity progress in MySports

Activate customer loyalty program now

The customer loyalty program is available for the “Advanced” and “Pro” price packages.
Not yet an “Advanced” or “Pro” customer?

If you are still using another price package, you can easily switch to “Advanced” or “Pro” in your Magicline yourself.

Already have “Advanced” or “Pro”?

If you already have one of the two price packages, you can easily activate your customer loyalty program.

Step 1: Start customer loyalty program

Go to your Magicline and click on “MySports” in the menu and then “Loyalty program”.

Step 2: Set up your loyalty program

Now you can start. Define name, color, level, rewards and much more. And just like that you have a customized program for your members.

Step 3: Launch your loyalty program

Your members can now track their progress via the MySports app or in the self-service area on MySports.com.

Any questions?
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Maike Kumstel

on May 13, 2022

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