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The digitalisation of fitness is noticeable everywhere. Practically every institution has its own website and many also integrate their apps. However, it is not a matter of just implementing new services, but to also do it well.

A fitness app is a digital extension of your club and a powerful tool that will allow your members to stay connected with you wherever they are- at any time. The key is to ensure that the app integration is beneficial and successful for both of you. In this article we provide you with a list of the most important things to look out for when choosing an app provider for your gym.

360° multifunctionality

When you analyse your members and your business closely, you will see that your clients don’t just come to your gym for the best workout routines. There is much more to it. The interaction with the trainers, the social contact with other people on the training floor, the aesthetics of the place, the atmosphere, and the classes offered are just a few examples.

So when you think that a fitness app only has to offer workouts and a booking function, you are missing very essential aspects of the member’s training experience. Rather try to find an app that offers a universe of functionalities that mimic the training environment in a gym.

Constant evolution

People expect constant evolution and progress. You can perceive it in everyday life. If you like technology you will have noticed that all current tools are constantly evolving and those that don’t, are condemned to disuse.

Your customers are used to seeing new features and updates for the technology they are using all the time as well. What about your member app? They will expect the same ongoing evolution from your app as well.

Now, how can you be sure that your app will evolve over time? Unfortunately you have only few tools to ensure that this will happen, but there are things that can investigate before choosing an app.

Before you decide, ask yourself: Does the app currently have a large number of features and has it been offering the same features for several years? Do you see the potential for development of new functions, or do you have information that this is not the focus of your provider’s development?

Unfortunately there is no way that you can predict the future, but there are some observations you can make in order to see a tendency.

MySports for example is an example of a fitness app that is always evolving and thriving for the development of new features in order to meet the constantly changing user needs.

Offering the functions of the fitness app from the web

How about customers who don’t enjoy downloading new mobile apps on their phones. Are you excluding them? You for sure shouldn’t. In the early 2020s there are and there will continue to be people who do not enjoy downloading many different apps.

It is therefore necessary that some functions are always available from the web, in order to include all people within your community who want to enjoy contact with your gym from any device.

Allow digital trainings

Well, it wouldn’t be a gym app if it didn’t offer digital workouts, would it? I mean, that’s still the core of your business. However, there are some things you should pay attention to. You should think twice which types of workouts you want to offer digitally and which you should keep as in- person workouts only in order to ensure a high quality and safe training as well as giving people a reason to still come to your gym.

Through the MySports fitness app (and the web version), you can of course allow bookings of classes and personal training appointments. Your trainers are also able to hold virtual classes, create and send fully personalised training plans and videos with detailed exercise instructions and track the member’s training progress.

MySports therefore is an App that allows your members to reach their goals easier while getting the best professional assistance.

Image: My Sports app schedule
My Sports app class schedule

Connection to powerful fitness software

All the different features of an app are important for your members to have a great experience with you. In order to manage these features and services, it is essential to have a powerful and flexible gym software with a reliable infrastructure connected to the app.

A training app that is not connected to a powerful database has its limits. It may allow you to accompany your members in some online training sessions, but how can you claim to provide a good service if you cannot analyse your members? Some isolated functions without a database and gym management functions will never allow you to offer a 360° fitness experience to your members.

With the gym management software Magicline you have full control over your member’s customer journey in the digital space and can meet all their needs, whether it be training or membership payments.


The choice of your gym’s app is a strategic one that has a huge impact on your members. It can completely re-define their training experience and be the bridge to your brick and mortar facility. With an app your members are always connected to you and can train from wherever they are.

We at Magicline understand the value of mobile apps for gym’s of the future – that’s why we developed MySports knowing that we will be connecting hundreds of thousands of users not only to their workouts, but also change their entire gym experience.

If you have any questions on how to implement the MySports application and how to integrate it with our Magicline software, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We are happy to go through the possibilities for your gym with you.

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