How well prepared are you? Our checklist

The COVID situation worsens

In order for you to be prepared as best as possible for the upcoming months, we have put together a checklist with tips for you.


Access control and slot bookings for your gym

Even in the past, it was already an integral part of the COVID restrictions: only a certain number of people were allowed to be in the facility at the same time.

In order for you not to have to check the number of people in your studio yourself with a tally sheet, it is important that you have a convenient access control system in your studio. In addition, establishing the booking of time slots for a gym visit helps you to regulate the number of people in your studio.

Our tip:

As a Magicline user, you can easily use the booking portal or app to provide check- in time slots. Just define the available time slots and let your members book their time slots themselves.

You can easily activate MySports for your studio via the App store in your Magicline.

MySports in your Magicline App Store
MySports in your Magicline App Store

If you have further questions about MySports, feel free to reach out to us! We’re happy to help.

Verification of vaccination certificates, proof of recovery and tests

As a gym owner, you can no longer avoid checking vaccination certificates, proof of recovery or valid negative tests. This often takes a lot of time, as you have to check each piece of evidence and, if necessary, add it manually to the member profile. How have you checked your members’ certificates so far?

Our tip:

We have integrated a vaccination certificate upload for you, which your members can use without you getting involved. They simply upload their certificate in the MySports app, which checks the validity and stores the certificate in the member profile. Everything is fully automatized.

Find out all about the feature that will save you a lot of time here:

Online offers

We are all keeping our fingers crossed that there will not be another lockdown. But if it happens, you should be as prepared as possible. Offering online classes can help keep your members active from home and keep them loyal to your studio. 

Our tip:

Have a back up plan for online classes available, so that you can pivot quickly in the event of a lockdown. Make sure your infrastructure is all set and ready to go. For example, you can use the integrated zoom feature of your Magicline to stream your classes. The individual zoom link is automatically generated when the class is created.

Hygiene regulations

After dealing with the pandemic for almost 2 years already, strict hygiene regulations are a basic requirement for studios. It is important that you know the current regulations in your country and State and integrate them into your studio immediately. We have also summarised a few tips on how you can easily introduce a hygiene concept.

Our tip:

You should regularly check the federal government’s website for the regulations currently in force. 

Communication with members and staff

No matter what happens and how quickly, it is important that you keep your members and staff informed. For this, you need quick and simple communication channels to not lose valuable time.

Our tip:

In your Magicline you can create templates for emailings to your members and staff. You select them with a few clicks, add the necessary information, choose the appropriate distribution list – and your serial email goes out to all members or employees. This saves you a lot of time and your message reaches the respective recipients quickly and without much effort.

You can also send push- notifications via the MySports member app to all your members in just a few seconds. No important message will be missed anymore!

If you are interested in all our different features, feel free to schedule a free consultation! We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

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Maike Kumstel

on November 24, 2021

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