Fit on the Internet – Part 4: Your promotion

Learn how to successfully promote online classes

Image: Promote online classes

In this article you will learn:

  • How to draw attention to your online classes
  • How to communicate on different channels
  • How online ad campaigns can help you

Ready, set, GO!

You’re ready to go, you’ve decided on one or more platforms, your technology is ready and your class planning is polished. Now it’s time to share your great offer with your members and the rest of the world.

Option 1: Personal: the email newsletter

You have the contact details of your members – use them. In a newsletter, you can inform them directly about your online class offerings. Send the class plan or a link to a free online class. Invite your community to try out your offer and give feedback on the corresponding platform. This creates reach, you get valuable suggestions and increase the loyalty of your members. Magicline’s communications center makes it easy to send personalized messages to your data base.

Important: the consent of your addressees

The increase of spam emails, phishing mails or viruses demands all the more seriousness and security. Therefore, actively invite your members or visitors to your website or social media accounts to get newsletter subscribers. Ask them for their consent and confirm it. You can automate this. It’s called double opt-in and it’s the easiest way for both of you to be on the safe side.

Your newsletter can look like this:

  • 1. Headline

Say in a few words what your offer is. e.g. a class.

  • 2. Subline

A short sentence about what benefits the reader will get. e.g. savings, muscle building, fat loss, etc.

  • 3. An inviting image

For example of your gym, people working out, a machine, a trainer, yourself. Communication with pictures is more likely to be viewed than just text.

  • 4. A short explanatory text

The most important information regarding your offer.

  • 5. Call to action

A link to go directly to the registration with one click.

  • 6. Sender

Remember to indicate yourself/ the gym as the sender and always offer the option to click to unsubscribe from the newsletter.


Your newsletter is like a business card of your studio. It should always have the same design (corporate design) and structure. If you are announcing a class or an event, send out the newsletter about 1 week in advance so that the recipients can plan for it in good time.

Keep it short. Ideally, the recipient should not have to scroll.

Attention: Respect if some of your participants do not want to receive advertising by mail, WhatsApp, etc.. ! And never reveal the data of your mailing list to anyone.

Option 2: Up to date: Push messages via MySports App

Image: Push notifications on classes
Push messages via MySports App

Everyone looks at their smartphone countless times every day. Use this for your advertising and inform your members with push messages and offer exclusive promotions. You can use the free member app from MySports for this. Formulate these small messages very briefly and appealingly. Use the lunchtime or rush hour for this. Most people check their news at lunch or on the train.

Option 3: Activate your social media news feed

Post short messages in the news feed of your accounts on Facebook, Insta and Co. This creates reach and new leads – and you can promote your online classes at the same time.

A few ideas for your posts:

  • Hi, I’m Sarah

Let your employees introduce themselves and add an appealing photo of them in the studio, a few words about the person and an invitation to the next online class – that’s all you need for a friendly post.

  • How to get rid of your belly fat

Announce classes that revolve around different themes, seasons and occasions. Add a few details and dates, and that’s enough.

  • Vacuuming makes you fit

Show a little mini workout around the house. It’s fun, makes you want to do more in the gym or online – that’s all it takes.

  • “Tree with me”

Do a challenge about who can stand the longest in the yoga figure tree. Participants leave their times (and photos) in the comments. Challenging peoples’ ambition creates interaction, followed by reach and likes online. To connect the challenge with your online classes, you can raffle off an exclusive online workout with you among all participants, for example.

  • Spring Awakening

Beat winter weight gains with delicious spring salads. Healthy recipes. Healthy Likes. Offer an online class on healthy eating, for example.


Pay attention to variety. Always advertising is counterproductive. Sprinkle in a few delicious recipes. Or announce the outdoor swimming season, the latest action movie, the time change. In short: Combine the “advertising of your classes” with topics that move your target group.

Like your newsletters, the posts are also business cards of your studio. Always design them the same way (corporate design), use “your” writing style.

  • Do good and talk about it

Cut your archived classes and videos down to the most amazing 3-5 minutes and put them online publicly on Instagram Video. This will create awareness and interest.

Your posts will be found via targeted hashtags like #officeworkout, #dipcontest, #plankchallange, etc. You can use up to 30 of them on Instagram. Hashtag generators such as displaypurposes.com will help you find the appropriate, wide-reaching hashtags for your target audience. Make your studio’s name a hashtag. This creates cohesion and you benefit from your community’s posts.

Unlike Facebook or YouTube, Instagram doesn’t allow you to link directly to your current class program in the captions. But: Put a link to your website in your Insta-biography. Then you can simply simply refer to “Link in Bio”  in the captions, so that your prospects land on your website quickly and easily.

Option 4: Paid advertising

It certainly makes sense to properly populate and maintain your social media channels before starting with paid ads. Once you achieved a certain reach and following, you can think about advertising on Instagram and Facebook. There are a few things to consider here. First tips, you can find here, for example:

Offer technical support to your members

Even if your studio is perfectly prepared technically, your participants may encounter problems from time to time. Be prepared and offer support via Zoom, WhatsApp and phone. Collect the problems encountered with the correct solutions and create a FAQ page on your website for your members. 

Our recommendation

  • Advertise regularly. Find the frequency that works best for you.
  • Stay in dialog with your contacts.
  • Make sure you have good, exciting and motivating content.
  • Less is more – keep it short.
  • Be patient. As in training, perseverance pays off here, too.
  • Cross-post examples simultaneously on all suitable platforms without additional effort. You can easily automate this with software solutions such as restream.io.


  • The market for hybrid training will continue to exist in the future.
  • The demand for online classes is expected to continue to grow.
  • Via online classes and home workouts, many members will come back to the studios and your machines.
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